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35+ Best Admin Templates for Web Applications

There is a vast range of best bootstrap admin templates available on the internet that you can use for your business websites. These web admin templates have made things easier and more comfortable for web designers and developers because these templates are fully responsive, clean fresh, and retina ready. Admin page templates are very lightweight and available in many components that you can customize depending on your specific web development needs. These admin web templates are rich in web designing and development features such as their compatibility with mobile widgets, based on Bootstrap 3, HTML5, and CSS3, easy color schematic pages, panel and list group mobile widgets, and many more other features. Today, programmers are finding them very convenient and helpful in developing highly customized and attractive web pages according to their web designing needs. Best Admin Templates

Melon Flat Admin Template

Melon is a flat responsive admin template based on Bootstrap 3 and it increases flexibility of your content structure. It is also developed in modern techniques such as CSS3 and HTML5 and you can use it for backend solutions conveniently.
Live Demo / Download Melon

Todo Web Application Template

It is a web application and admin panel template, fully responsive and developed with amazing features including mobile widgets, web app layouts, HTML5 markup, and CSS3.
Live Demo / Download Todo

Notebook Admin Template

Notebook is a fully responsive and best admin template for web applications and it featured in flat UI with a clean style, mobile widgets, and web app layouts.
Live Demo / Download Notebook

Se7en Responsive Admin Template

Se7en is considered as best bootstraps admin template which is featured extraordinary features to give a new dimensions to your web applications.
Live Demo / Download Se7en

Metro Lab Admin Template

Metro lab is a fully responsive best bootstrap admin template which is featured with Realtime metro designing concepts and you can decorate all web pages with the metro concept.
Live Demo / Download Metro Lab

FLATY Premium Admin Template

FLATY Premium Admin Template

FLATY is a fully responsive and premium bootstraps admin template which is developed in a very colorful, clean, and fresh interface with a strong coding structure.
Live Demo / Download FLATY

Shamcey Metro Style Admin Template

Shamcey is another excellent bootstrap admin template developed in metro style it is an ideal template and you can consider it for your next web development project.
Live Demo / Download Shamcey

Flatpoint Responsive Dashboard Template

Flashpoint is a very excellent bootstraps admin template that is fully responsive and built in the latest Twitter Bootstrap framework ideal for backend applications.
Live Demo / Download Flatpoint

Web arch Admin Dashboard Template

Web arch is multipurpose web admin template and it is developed in top Twitter Boostrap to get a unique experience for your web applications.
Live Demo / Download Web arch

CORAL Admin Template

Coral is an excellent web admin template that is developed in 15 plus business modules with unique pages, icons, and bootstraps.
Live Demo / Download CORAL

FLAT KIT Bootstrap App Template

FLAT KIT is an extraordinary Bootstrap 3 application template and it is fully responsive and retina ready, available in unlimited colors along with 80 plus documentation pages.
Live Demo / Download FLAT KIT

First Mobile Admin Template

It is based on a mobile web application or admin dashboard thematic concept and it is developed by using UI based on Bootstrap.
Live Demo / Download First

Clean Zone Admin Template

The clean zone is fully responsive best web design template and you can customize it according to your specific business website needs.
Live Demo / Download Clean Zone

Admin Lab Responsive Template

Admin Lab Responsive Template

Admin lab responsive is an ideal web design template that is best for your business website.
Live Demo / Download Admin Lab Responsive

Adminkit Bootstrap 3 Template

Adminkit is a very clean, fresh, and fully responsive premium bootstraps web design template and you can customize it depending on your business website needs.
Live Demo / Download Adminkit

Quick Admin Template

Quick is developed with extraordinary features and it is the best and most reliable web design template ideal for your business websites.
Live Demo / Download Quick

Moodstrap Bootstrap Admin Template

Moodstrap is the best bootstrap admin template and it is very ideal for web designers and developers to give a new dimension to their business websites.
Live Demo / Download Moodstrap

Flat app Dashboard Template

Flat app is developed with a flat UI based on Bootstrap 3 and is recognized as the best web admin template you can use for your business websites.
Live Demo / Download Flatapp

Cascade Flat Responsive Template

Cascade Flat Responsive Template

Cascade is very clean, fresh and eye-catching flat, and fully responsive best web design templates and is highly recognized among web developers.
Live Demo / Download Cascade

Proton UI Admin Template

Proton UI is a fully responsive and ideal web design template and you can use it according to your specific web design or development needs.
Live Demo / Download Proton UI

Conquer Admin Dashboard Template

Conquer Admin Dashboard Template

Conquer is another admin dashboard template that’s mainly used for backend applications such as CMS and CRM. It is also powered by the Bootstrap framework from Twitter and can easily handle any command from an administrator. Furthermore, it has a vast collection of UI components and jQuery plugins that can be viewed through browsers and mobile devices.
Live Demo / Download Virgo Template

Katniss Premium Admin Template

Katniss is a beautiful admin template that comes with an animated design. It uses CSS3 and has a lot of features that make it unique. Aside from the three different skins, you can use for the design, this template also has a marked performance in making web applications. Moreover, its responsive design makes viewing this template on mobile devices a breeze. If you’re looking for a template that’s loaded with plugins and custom elements, then Katniss is the right one for you.
Live Demo / Download Katniss Template

The Realm Clean Template

The Realm is an admin template that’s been carefully built through the Bootstrap framework from Twitter. It employs a modernistic design as it strikes out a fresh new look to viewers. Its design is also responsive to make it readily accessible on tablets and mobile phones. If you’re looking for a design that has coverage for user management, task management, notifications, and more, then pick The Realm.
Live Demo / Download Realm Template

BootAdmin Admin Responsive Template

BootAdmin Admin Responsive Template

BootAdmin is one of the most powerful ready-made admin templates out there today. It employs hundreds of features and an equally varied set of designs. Foremost, it is fully responsive and retina ready. This means that the template can be readily enjoyed in devices that utilize the retina display such as iPads. Other than that, it has a 3D photo gallery and more than ten jQuery charts. If you’re looking for something that will surely leave a mark on your audience, choose BootAdmin.
Live Demo / Download BootAdmin Template

Atina Template

Atina is an admin template that’s largely built on an HTML5 or CSS3 framework through Twitter’s Bootstrap. It carries with it a solid design through its unique fluid layout that has elements such as sidebars and navigation options. The template is also very easy to customize and can be viewed on any device, including mobile phones. If you’re looking for a simple yet time-tested framework, consider using Atina.
Live Demo / Download Admin do Template

Admin Responsive Admin Template

Admin is specifically built for developing web applications, CMS, and other admin applications. It is very easy to customize, making it one of the most user-friendly templates available in ThemeForest. It can also be viewed in any browser and is fully responsive to accommodate viewers that own mobile devices. Admin is made through the reliable Bootstrap system from Twitter.
Live Demo / Download Atina Template

Virgo Premium Admin Template

Virgo is a fully responsive layout that’s largely based on jQuery and Boostrap. If you’re trying to make a back-end application, then this one’s for you. The template includes a lot of available plugins and a versatile design that can be accessed even on mobile devices. Aside from that, it’s been made through the use of clean codes, thus making it foolproof and the ultimate solution to your project.
Live Demo / Download Conquer Template

Before Admin Template

Boro is another contender template made from Twitter’s Bootstrap framework. However, it has a lot of distinguishing features that make it one of the best for site developers. Aside from its responsive layout, which is a must for any template today, it is loaded with form elements. It also has a responsive gallery grid and a responsive file manager. All of these make Beoro very appealing to the makers of web applications and websites.
Live Demo / Download Boro Template

Amsterdam Responsive Template

Amsterdam is a finely crafted template that’s made to make your life easier. It has four available designs, with two of them having a 3-column layout. The overall template is based on a 12-column grid to make the design look good and readable. This template can also be used for control or billing panels, as its Bootstrap framework has several backend panels and cms systems.
Live Demo / Download Amsterdam Template

Phoenix Admin Template

Phoenix Admin Template

Phoenix can be considered as one of the most functional admin panels available in ThemeForest. Not only does it have a finely built code, but it also uses jQuery plugins that are intended to harmonize with its design. Its custom pages on Login, Search, Mail, Error, etc. make Phoenix a constant friend for website developers. The package also includes the PSD files and the documentation needed for customization.
Live Demo / Download Phoenix Template

Start Metro UI Admin Template

The start is a wonderful admin panel that’s built from the Windows 8 interface. Its four key components are minimalism, boldness, high contrast, and flat coloring. When taken as a whole, these components combine to make a contemporary and reliable template. For web developers who want to make a web application, this template saves you a lot of time in the development process.
Live Demo / Download Start Template

Aquarius Admin Panel Template

Aquarius guarantees fluidity and reliability in terms of its coding and design. It is easy to use and can be integrated into any platform. People who are on the go can view its design even if they’re not on the desktop. The availability of its unique widgets and its fast-loading pages also make it a real asset for developers. Lastly, there are eight colors to choose from for the entire template, and some eight custom backgrounds that can easily be modified.
Live Demo / Download Aquarius Template

Bird Web App & Admin Template

Bird is a simple template yet its capabilities as an admin panel truly go beyond. One of its core advantages is the plugins that you can use for your varied needs. You can make use of plugins such as a calendar, charts, Live Statistics, etc. It also has a lot of useful elements that are perfect for use in website development. For example, it integrates comments lists, notifications, multiple button styles, and more in its Twitter Bootstrap framework.
Live Demo / Download Bird Template

BeautyAdmin Responsive Admin Template

BeautyAdmin should be the top choice for developers who are looking for a template that has already been tested through time. This fully responsive template comes in a high-resolution display to make it more appealing to the eyes. It supports an AJAX photo gallery and more than 400 premium icons as well. Lastly, it is available in three languages to make it, even more, user-friendly.
Live Demo / Download BeautyAdmin Template

Bolt Responsive Premium Admin Template

Bolt can be considered a top-of-the-line choice when it comes to the development of web applications. It’s built through simple yet reliable codes and can also be heavily manipulated through the library manual that comes with it. Bolt is also fully responsive to accommodate its design in phones and any other mobile device.